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     I've never seen a cleaning company that pays such meticulous attention to detail.
     One of the air conditioning vents leaked some grease on our living room walls. The room looked extremely shabby and we needed experts to work on the situation. Cleaning Firm The Hyde had fantastic reviews on the internet hence we booked an appointment. After agreeing on the price, we were given a quote for 4 hours. However, the able team of two completed the work in 3 and we even got a refund of the extra hour that we had pre-paid. Superb cleaning work, highly recommended.
Blair Scott08/05/2015
     It's been a while since I last hired a cleaning company, but it's certainly a lot easier and a lot more effective than I remember. I think it must have been about ten years, at least, since I last hired a bit of help with the spring cleaning, but this year I decided to give TheHydeCarpetCleaners a call to see if I could speed up the process a little bit. I'm glad to report that, not only was everything a great deal quicker, but they got my home cleaner than I'd have ever imagined. Very impressive service in every respect.
D. Mclaughlin07/01/2015
     If you are in the market for a cleaning company and finding it hard to find good services for affordable rates, definitely consider giving TheHydeCarpetCleaners a call. They have the best cleaners that I have hired in this area and they are definitely worth the money you pay for them. I have used them on several occasions and they have done a good job on all of them. I definitely recommend them to all my friends and family and will do highly to everyone else who is reading this. Trust me, you'll never regret this.
Richard M.04/12/2014
     I was so happy with my upholstery after it was cleaned professionally last week. I wanted new furniture but hadn't got enough money so my brother suggested getting it cleaned to revive it for a bit longer. Well what an amazing job. TheHydeCarpetCleaners were fantastic. The work was done thoroughly and the sofa and chairs looked great after the team had finished. I can't believe how good it looks. Also the cost was reasonable priced, and it has given me time to save up for new items in the future.
J. Cross24/11/2014
     When I moved out of my flat I needed help with some of the end of tenancy cleaning. I'm very pleased I chose TheHydeCarpetCleaners as they managed to get my place so clean that my deposit was returned to me in full. I wasn't confident this would happen as there had been a few spillages on the living room carpet and the oven had been neglected shall we say. But the work they did was very professional and very efficient. Within hours the place was perfectly clean and I barely had to lift a finger to arrange it all.
Josh L.14/11/2014
     I had a swimming pool installed in my garden so I could keep cool in the warm weather, but this year with all the leaves falling off the trees early, I couldn't keep on top of maintaining it, whilst having a full time job, etc. It was good then that a friend recommended to me TheHydeCarpetCleaners, as the solution to all my swimming pool woes. They knew exactly what to do, and left the pool cleaner than I think it was, even when it was brand new! Wonderful! I would recommend them to anyone based on the quality of their work, and the affordability of it as well.
Mandy A.04/09/2014
     If you're thinking of the best way in which to clean your home, then there's only really one company who you should be calling. TheHydeCarpetCleaners came to my home when we had a few issues and ever since then they've made a huge effort to get our home cleaned quickly and efficiently and they're still finding ways in which to make it better. The help which I managed to get from them has made all the difference to my work schedule and the way in which I spend my free time. A really big help.
Bonnie Campbell04/06/2014
     Being a busy mom and in fulltime work it leaves me little time to attend to housework duties, in my spare time I like to spend it doing things with the children instead. Overtime I noticed that my home was starting to show signs of neglect but attending to my kids after work is more of a priority. When I noticed and advert for TheHydeCarpetCleaners I initially thought that this was the answer to my prayers and it's been the best decision I ever made, what they do to help me is amazing and I cannot thank them enough. Now everybody is happy in my household again.
     Knowing that your home will look spotless when you get home is a nice thing to look forward to, and I get the pleasure of walking into a bright and tidy house every Wednesday after TheHydeCarpetCleaners have been round. They are extremely good at ensuring that my things are left in the places that I left them, but somehow making everything look wonderful. This of course means that I never have to mess the place up whilst looking for things that have been misplaced during the clean!

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